Victorian Military  Brassbound Mahogany Writing Slope.


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Victorian Military  Brassbound Mahogany Writing Slope.

An exceptional example of a Victorian  brassbound Military Solid Mahogany Writing slope dating back to c.1845 as dated on the key escutcheon.

The box features flush military handles to the sides, a brass top escutcheon with an engraved head and a brass key escutcheon. The key only works  on the writing surface to the inside.

The box houses  it’s original green leather writing surface with space to the back of the inside lid for paper work which locks and more space to the underneath. two sections for inkwells with two brass topped ink wells ,  a nib slope, lidded nib  section and pen slope with section underneath.

Superb quality and condition measuring 51 x 28 and stands 16cm high.