Victorian Burr Walnut Brassbound Writing Slope.


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Victorian Burr Walnut Brassbound Writing Slope.

A superb example of a Victorian dome top writing slope dating back to c.1820.

The writing slope  is in a beautiful piece of burr walnut with brassbound straps ,featuring a brass top and key escutcheon.

Unfortunately the box doesn’t have an outside working lock and key, however it does have a working lock and key to the inside leather wring surface .

Open the box to reveal the original black and gold writing surface

a pen slope with compartment underneath, a  nib slope and two inkwell sections .Open the back of the inside lid to see space for paperwork. There is also two secret drawers (which work by pulling up the inkwell divider) underneath the writing surface.

Superb quality and condition measuring 40.5 x 26 and stands 18cm high.