William IV Rosewood Jewellery/ Writing Box.



William IV Rosewood Jewellery/ Writing Box.
A beautiful and elegant example of a William IV Rosewood Jewellery/Writing box dating back to c.1830. The box has pewter borders to the front and the top of the box with a decorative mother of pearl top escutcheon and a oval mother of pearl key escutcheon with a working lock and tasselled key.
Open the box to reveal stunning original interior to the back of the inside lid. We have professionally relined the base of the box with handcrafted marble paper. Pull up the pin to the inside to reveal the writing box to the front drawer, it features a velvet writing surface, pen compartment, a nib slope, ink well compartment with silver topped ink well.
The box measures 31 x 23 and stands 17 cm high.